Brand Positioning

Positioning yourself well is the key to elevating your impact and influence.

We look at how to bring your true essence into everything you do and establish a point of difference, personality and authenticity. We look at what defines you and your vision and how to communicate that and take you into your future and current aspirations.

This involves creating a Brandprint which is the foundation piece to your brand it defines your key positioning and is used to direct all your brand communications such as websites, logos, and all communications.

  • Vision - the highest aspiration of what you are wanting to achieve and why
  • Mission - how you achieve it
  • Purpose - your most compelling "why"
  • Values - the core of what you are about
  • Promises - what you deliver on everytime
  • Benefits - what everyone will get from you
  • Beliefs - the foundation of your core premise
  • Discriminator - the single most compelling reason for people to chose your brand
  • Reasons To Believe - a collection of stories and narratives
  • Essence - one clear thought that comes through in everything that you do
  • Demographic
  • Tone of voice
  • Themes

We identify what areas to develop, where the focus should be to get the desired results and how that will be achieved through a new strategy and implementation plan on and offline.

Brand Elevation 

 We  elevate your brand through communications and PR such as:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website creation
  • Logos and design
  • Content Strategy
  • Appearances
  • Media And Press
  • Public Speaking


We help you create the best commercial opportunities, including:

  • New business ventures
  • Licensing Deals
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Funding
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sub brands
  • Franchise
  • Joint Ventures
  • Acquisitions
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Ellie Frost

Founder & CEO

"I help people express themselves through their brand led businesses and make a positive impact.

Many personal brands are using very fragmented service providers who do not create a holistic strategy across social media, PR and business initiatives.

Having built substantial brand led businesses, I know how to develop comprehensive strategies and executions that create legacy around personal brands through products and services and monetise and extend all aspects of the brand."

Next Steps...

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