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My whole life has been about following my heart.

Even as a child, I struggled to understand the daily monotony that people seemed to live.

I wanted more fun, adventure and lightness, but the world seemed to be heavy.

I was always on a more spiritual/ conscious path.

I regularly was taken to Church but found myself questioning a lot of things.

Like why people in different religions wouldn’t go to heaven, just because they were born elsewhere.

Most of the time I was shut down and told to be quiet.

Suppress and repress what I felt inside.

To hide my emotions and curiosity and not challenge how things were.

Have you ever found yourself in that position?

Maybe at work, or at school or at home?

For me it felt constant, so I just followed the rules.

I was a high achiever in my schooling and my first job was in a well known law firm.

But I didn’t like the rigid rules, formality and what seemed like overly complicated and expensive ways of doing things.

I still found myself wanting to question things, change things, make them more people focused and efficient.

I left that job after a lawyer told me he was staying there to make his money and then would follow his dream.

I remember my heart sinking.

Even then I knew the chances of him ever doing that were so low.

Soon his life would look so different, he could have a family and all the typical commitments and responsibilities.

How likely would he be able to go off and follow his dream?

All that ran through my mind in that moment was that I wanted a life NOT a life sentence and to know who I was.

Not just follow the motions, climb the ladder and suppress what I felt inside.

There had to be more to life than being trapped by something that didn’t inspire me.

I couldn’t accept that I had to do what we’re “supposed” to do, take the “safe” option, decide we can’t make money any other way.

I knew in that moment I had to get out of that job so I went to the bank, got a loan and resigned.

Having no idea what I did want to do I decided to go travelling.

I always knew I wanted to see the world.

Travelling opened my heart and mind to new possibilities, cultures and challenged my ideas of how life had to be.

It exposed my fears, insecurities and taught me things I could never have learnt from my education.

When I returned to London I knew I had to follow my heart and dreams.

I realised that we live in a world full of possibilities and we didn’t need to limit what they are.

I’d shifted my consciousness and truly believed anything was possible.

I was unavailable for a life I didn’t love.

A life full of adventures, laughter, inspiration and being fully expressed.

I longed to work in more fulfilling, creative ways.

Soon I’d started working with a now very famous chef at the beginning of his career.

I helped him build a businesses and express himself as a brand.

An authentic brand that was fully expressed and businesses that embodied his values and personality.

And at the heart of it was a huge social purpose, he wanted to change the world while making money.

And he did.

That business is now estimated to be worth half a billion dollars and he changed government policy, started a healthy eating revolution and motivated millions of people to make change.

That’s how I found my purpose - to help more people monetise their art, their passions and what’s calling them in their heart.

Now I run a business supporting other leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs make profit and a positive impact in the world through their personal brands.

It’s definitely not always been easy and I have had to take big leaps of faith.

Leaps into the unknown.

Leaps to stay true to my values and who I’m here to serve.

But most of all I was leaping with my heart and trusting that more people felt this way.

I believe the biggest travesty of all is live a life that you don’t think has anything to do with you.

Where you don’t get to use your creativity, ignite your passions and share who you really are.

My mission is to show and help as many people as possible that they can monetise what’s in their hearts.

If they have a calling, a passion, I believe there will always be a way to make it happen.

I believe anything we have in our hearts to do is possible for all of us.

And if we’re following that we will be inspired to make positive impact and leave the world a better place.