I work with some of the worlds' biggest leaders and brands and want to share a process with you that I have developed from working with some of the worlds most famous personal brands and household names.

I developed this signature program to take you through a process of elevation with amazing results that can help you radically grow your business and get clear on your messaging and brand.

Brand and Messaging

Detailed brand definition - where you want to go, what that looks like and positioning that now from where you are.

I will produce a Brandprint that forms the foundation of  all communications, social media and positioning on and offline.

Vision - the highest aspiration of what you are wanting to achieve and why
Mission - how you achieve it
Purpose - your most compelling “why”
Values - the core of what you are about
Promises - what you deliver on every-time
Benefits - what everyone will get from you
Beliefs - the foundation of your core premise
Discriminator - the single most compelling reason for people to chose your brand
Reasons To Believe - a collection of stories and narratives
Essence - one clear thought that comes through in everything that you do
Key Demographic
Tone of voice
Themes - consistent themes we reinforce
Identity - look and feel/ image

Customer profiling

Identify your ideal audience/ customer and how to target them.

Step Into The Brand Vision

Becoming this new brand vision.

We focus on messaging, your stories, website, social media - how to unleash that message.

How to bring your main story and message together.

Strategy for engaging existing and new audience and the angles that you will be centring your messaging around. How to message, when and how to leverage to build the brand in the best way.

Opportunities around brand growth - speaking, writing, collaborations, partnerships, social media strategy.

Commercical Activities:

Detailed review of all products, services and pricing strategy.

We will start creating the new/ revised products and services, pricing,  and identify core income drivers.

We will generate exciting content, create products and services that support your new narrative also identify products for future.

Press Pack and Media Positioning 

How you can position yourself and attract media, speaking and other opportunities to raise your profile.

How It Works:

6 month program through online video calls, workbooks and trainings.