I help leaders and entrepreneurs expand their impact through coaching and personal branding.

I am here to let people know that they have a soul purpose, which they can abundantly step into by shifting their consciousness and working in ways that express who they are.

Having worked with some of the worlds biggest leaders and brands, I know how to position, leverage and elevate your business and brand.

I can help you with your brand positioning, business development strategy, PR and social media. I also run online coaching and e-courses.

Working together we master the art of your unique message and contribution through your communications, products and services to position you in a league of your own.

My clients include coaches, celebrities, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who have a powerful message and unique services to share with the world.

I've worked with all sorts of people from diverse backgrounds and industries including entertainment, digital, media, hospitality, leisure and FMCG.

I'm a strategist and coach because I'm passionate about transformation and committing to the deep personal development work that enables you to elevate on an energetic and practical level.

I bring a combination of high performance/flow based coaching that supports you in developing your own blueprint for success.

I also have a strong business background. I've sat on 7 Boards, served as an advisor to major corporations, and built several award winning brands and well known personal brands.

I'm not here to sell you a system or give you a one size fits all solution. I'm here to connect you deeper to your purpose and passion and support you in creating a dynamic, innovative, authentic business and brand.

I work via video conference with leaders all over the world.

Free Mini Course

Free Identity Shift Mini Course

My Approach

I help you create an impactful business and brand through positioning, communications and commercial activities.

My gift is to help you tune in deeper to your intuitive knowing, live in flow and positive self expression and find ways to work that support your highest intentions and outcomes.

I believe we each have a soul purpose, something very meaningful to us that we love to do. I help you get crystal clear on how to communicate and monetise what that is for you.

Following that calling enables us to do our best work in the world, from a place of passion.

Our best work comes from being able to express our creativity, unique gifts and bring the best of who we are into everything that we do so we can be free and authentic in who we are and how we work.

Our best work gives us freedom and liberation and enables us to become more of ourselves through it.

This requires us to position ourselves at our highest level, express our unique message in an authentic way that resonates with others and build our work around that.

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Brand Strategy & Business Development Services

Personal Branding

We specialise in creating and elevating brands through marketing and business activities. 

Having a strong personal brand is essential to maximise your potential, build credibility, connect to your audience, influence others and powerfully express your message.

We help you present, communicate and grow your personal brand in the best way.

We work across media, online, new business opportunities, business development and profiling. We create powerful personal brands and brand led business opportunities.

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Brand Strategy

We form a comprehensive brand strategy with a strong foundation and platform for growth.

We work on your highest vision for your brand and the best way to achieve it.

We identify the core values, purpose, benefits and promises behind your brand and define how to make that relevant to and connect with your target audience.

We also direct  how best to present your brand through your profile, products and services.

We work on narrative, image, tone of voice and positioning to create an impactful brand proposition that you can leverage.

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Commercial Activity

We help you use your brand to start new businesses, service offerings, products and sub- brands.

We strategically advise on licensing and endorsement deals and other commercial activity.

We have extensive experience in growing brand-led businesses, including launching new products and services, joint ventures, franchise operations, raising capital and how best to leverage your appearances.

We build sustainable brand led businesses that unlock further opportunities and income streams to support your vision and values.

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Free Mini Course

Free Identity Shift Mini Course

Online Programs

Wanting more meaningful work?

This program is designed for you to step into greater alignment with the work you are called to do at your next level and your true passions.

It will take you into:

* Clarity of your purpose and how to execute it

*Alignment and identity shift into the next level you

* Energetic alignment and practical strategies to make it happen.

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Ready for massive breakthroughs?

Access To More! is a group of passionate, purpose driven visionaries wanting to make positive change in the world and live their most fulfilled lives.

It is a powerful collective space that elevates their vibration and gets them results.

And we see massive results and transformations all the time.

Someone recently said that it was "the most powerful thing in their life."

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About Ellie Frost 

Ellie Frost is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and highly acclaimed strategist and coach.

She builds authentic personal brands by showing people how to connect to their sense of purpose, and build a sustainable business around it.

Ellie was a Board Director at Jamie Oliver where she developed his personal brand and developed his commercial activities. He was named the most influential spokesperson in the UK and his brand was ranked closely with Apple and Sony.

Ellie coaches entrepreneurs globally through online programs, and runs a personal branding agency in Los Angeles supporting world leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers and artists.


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