Why Have A Personal Branding Strategy

A strong brand establishes you as an influencer, thought leader, authority and role model. It is how you share powerful messaging, resonate more deeply with your audience and attract customers, employees and followers in more impactful ways. 

Building brand awareness is about raising your profile and positioning around solid commercial objectives. It involves consistently demonstrating your values, deeply resonating with your audience and providing opportunities for more people to engage.

We help you to create an authentic, strong personal brand that is a true expression of your values and personality in ways that resonate and connect with the right audience and enable you to leverage opportunities from.

Your brand is only partly about your image, we help you with all activities that are connected with your brand and business development. 

Your brand should inform the strategy of everything you do - what businesses you create, what agreements you enter into as well as how you communicate and show up personally.

A customer will see anything you do through your business or as a personality as a way of expressing some element of your brand. 

If you are running a business, wanting to ensure you have the best opportunities in the job market or simply want to raise your profile, personal branding is something you must consider.

Your brand is helping people decide why they follow and buy from you and why they don’t. Your brand strategy covers all marketing activities and profile as well the business activities and culture of your organisation.

Personal Branding

We specialise in creating and elevating brands through marketing and business activities. 

Having a strong personal brand is essential to maximise your potential, build credibility, connect to your audience, influence others and powerfully express your message.

We help you present, communicate and grow your personal brand in the best way.

We work across media, online, new business opportunities, business development and profiling. We create powerful personal brands and brand led business opportunities.

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Brand Strategy

We form a comprehensive brand strategy with a strong foundation and platform for growth.

We work on your highest vision for your brand and the best way to achieve it.

We identify the core values, purpose, benefits and promises behind your brand and define how to make that relevant to and connect with your target audience.

We also direct  how best to present your brand through your profile, products and services.

We work on narrative, image, tone of voice and positioning to create an impactful brand proposition that you can leverage.

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Commercial Activity

We help you use your brand to start new businesses, service offerings, products and sub- brands.

We strategically advise on licensing and endorsement deals and other commercial activity.

We have extensive experience in growing brand-led businesses, including launching new products and services, joint ventures, franchise operations, raising capital and how best to leverage your appearances.

We build sustainable brand led businesses that unlock further opportunities and income streams to support your vision and values.

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Online Programs

Wanting more meaningful work?

This program is designed for you to step into greater alignment with the work you are called to do at your next level and your true passions.

It will take you into:

* Clarity of your purpose and how to execute it

*Alignment and identity shift into the next level you

* Energetic alignment and practical strategies to make it happen.

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The Make It Happen Mastermind is a group of visionary leaders who are committed to impacting the world in positive ways.

It is a powerful collective space that elevates their vibration and gets them results.

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About Ellie Frost 

Ellie Frost is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and highly acclaimed business and brand strategist and coach.

She is an experienced negotiator and has led endorsement, licensing deals, strategic partnerships and a global franchise operation.

Ellie spent 9 years working with Jamie Oliver where she became a Board Director.

Jamie Oliver is now a household name, has global brand led businesses spanning retail, publishing, media, leisure and food. He was named the most influential spokesperson in the UK by UTalk Marketing.

Ellie Frost also advises large corporates, private equity groups and runs an online coaching business that provides education products.

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